Free tuition and books offered at the University of Nevada, Reno

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‘Nevada Guarantee’ program ensures income-qualified students receive a four-year degree with little to no student debt

One of the most successful and impactful higher education tuition programs in the state of Nevada is the Nevada Guarantee, a free University of Nevada, Reno tuition program for low-income Nevada residents, which includes the complete cost of tuition, fees and books plus all the academic and social support needed for graduating in four years or less.

“The Nevada Guarantee, formerly known as the Pack Advantage, has been in place for 10 years at the University of Nevada, Reno and we have had around 10,000 students total go through the program, with the opportunity to graduate debt free,” Shannon Ellis, vice president of Student Services at the University, said. “As a land-grant institution, it is our mission to offer a quality, top-tier education to Nevada residents. This program is for all of those students who want a four-year degree. We want them to know, they belong at this University and we are committed to do what it takes to get them here.”

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